• What We Believe God is bigger and better and closer than we could ever imagine.
  • The Bible is God’s perfect guidebook for living.
  • Jesus is God showing Himself to us.
  • Through his Holy Spirit, God lives in and through us.
  • Nothing in creation “just happened.” God made it all.
  • Grace – Jesus’ gift of sacrificing His life to pay for our sin – is the only way to have a relationship with God.
  • Faith is the only way to grow in our relationship with God.
  • God has allowed evil to provide us with a choice; God can bring good even out of evil events and promises victory over evil to those who choose Him.
  • Heaven and hell are real places. Death is a beginning, not the end.
  • The church is to serve people, like Jesus served people.
  • Jesus is coming again.

Bethel Church, along with about 1,000 other churches, is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The denomination’s roots go back as far as the sixteenth century and the Protestant Reformation in Europe. For our shared formal statement of faith and doctrinal and ethical positions go to www.crcna.org/welcome/beliefs

Bethel Church Orientation Group

Exploring Membership Cover
Link to Bethel’s Exploring Membership brochure.

Explore more of what we believe with the option but not obligation of membership. This group provides the opportunity to explore who we are as a church and how we do ministry, along with what we believe. For more information on this group and on the what, why, and how of membership, see the “Exploring Membership” electronic brochure by clicking the picture to the right.