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Vacation Bible School 2018

July 23-27, 9:30 am-12 noon

For children who will have completed JK by June (born 2013) and up to Grade 5.

Cost $15/child until May 11, AFTER $20/child

 Send your kids on an impacting island adventure!

At Shipwrecked VBS, kids discover how Jesus rescues us through life’s storms. Shipwrecked is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear and touch! Imagination Station crafts, team-building games, cool Bible songs and tasty snacks are just a few standout activities that help faith flow into real life. Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life – something we call God Sightings!


 For more information contact Shannon at
To view where other VBS programs are located, visit:


Youth group (for all kids in high-school) is a place to learn about God, no matter where you are in your journey. If you have no idea who God is, or if you have been following Him for years, there is a place for you here. We try to play games and have fun, but also we discuss what it means to follow God in daily life.

We do change it up from time to time, so stay connected on the facebook page and we will let you know what is going on.

A link to Bethel's Exploring Youth Brochure
Link to the Exploring Youth Brochure PDF

We hope that you would come and join us, have fun, and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus and live out His amazing Mission!

If you would like more information e-mail Brian:


All Ontario Youth Convention

Trillium Huron Youth

Link to Bethel Youth's Facebook Page
Link to Bethel Youth’s Facebook Page




Sunday School

Sunday School is run during the morning worship service. Children will normally join their parents in the sanctuary for the first part of the service before they leave with their teachers for Sunday School. Sunday School is for children from age 3 to grade 5.

The goals of our Sunday School service include:

  • to nurture and encourage each child to know, love and serve God
  • to nurture the faith of children and leaders within a caring community
  • to teach children the story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation

At Bethel we are now using kidconnectiononline curriculum for all ages in the Sunday School.

For more information on our Sunday School, its curriculum, and its activities, please contact our Sunday School Superintendents at


Link to Adventures in Odyssey website


Tuesdays 7 pm, Sep 26 to Apr 2018

Fun, fast paced Boys Scout type club for boys grades 2-8.

Link to Calvinist Cadets website
Link to Calvinist Cadets website

Cadets is a fun, fast paced club which is similar to Boy Scouts in many ways, Cadets has the added dimension of being Christian. We enjoy many special events such as camp outs, pizza parties, bowling, gym nights, and the Cadet-O-Rama. The goal of Cadetting is to help boys grow spiritually in all areas of life (devotional, mental, physical and social) by providing Christian male councilors, together with a uniquely designed structure, program and materials.


There is a lot of enthusiasm on the part of young boys to begin their journey through the Cadet programs. They’ve heard their older brothers or older boys in the community talk about the camp outs, crafts, Bible lessons, and service projects, and they are READY! Junior Cadets taps this enthusiasm with a “hit the ground running” type of program. The materials are comprehensive but concise. They are designed to effectively channel the energy of boys in grades 2 – 3 (ages 7 to 8-year-olds).
Explorer – for 2nd graders
Adventurer – for 3rd graders


For boys in grades 4 – 8 (ages 9 – 13)


Here is the heart of the Cadet organization. Boys and their counselors working side by side on Bible lessons, Christian service projects, outdoor activities (camping, cycling, hiking, canoeing, and much more), and working on merit badge projects — selecting from a wide range of interests and skills.
More than 95 merit badges are offered in this program. The counselor challenges, guides, encourages, listens, and counsels the boys as an expression of God’s love.

The typical club will be made up of several small groups of about five or six boys called cadres. Each cadre will be lead by a counselor.

For information about Cadets, email Gord Furzer and
Kevin Kamminga at


Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour

Ages 7 – 13 (or Grades 2 – 8) are welcome.
GEMS logo as link to GEMS website
Link to GEMS Girls Clubs website

GEMS is a relationship building, club program created especially for girls!

Girls in grades two through eight are welcome to join. At club, they have the opportunity to participate in:

    • Making new friends and being part of a caring small group
    • Getting to know Jesus
    • Participating in dynamic worship
    • Learning actions and creative movements to songs
    • Studying God’s Word–the Bible, and learning how to apply it to her life
    • Developing important life skills through badge activities
    • Making crafts that encourage others
    • Participating in service projects that make a difference in other’s lives
    • Finding answers to challenges that face girls today

The purpose of GEMS Girls’ Clubs is to bring girls into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. To help foster this all-important relationship between each girl and Christ, other relationships are nurtured as well – between girls, and between girls and their counselor (leader).

Girls in clubs are organized into small groups with one leader or counselor for each group of six to eight girls. It is through these small groups, and the weekly interactions that take place in club, that faith is nurtured and developed, and long lasting friendships are made.

The ministry of GEMS Girls’ Clubs has been serving churches for over 50 years! During these years, thousands of girls’ lives have been changed forever. Today, there are over 23,000 girls who are member of GEMS Girls’ Clubs, with 5,200 women enthusiastically serving as their counselors and mentors.

The ministry is non-denominational with club participation in several different denominations and non-denominational churches and Christian organizations throughout Canada, United States and the world! Culturally relevant curriculum is developed from a reformed perspective.

Program Contents

The activities in the GEMS Clubs are based on three age-appropriate levels, with a focus on a yearly theme.

AWARENESS LEVEL: 2nd-3rd grades

Girls participate in organized activities through which friendships naturally begin to develop.

Awareness Level activities teach:

    • Who God is
    • Sharing with others
    • Stories from the Bible
    • How to help others
    • Being considerate

Girls also increase in their knowledge and understanding of God and how special it is to know Him and have Him in our hearts. A fun, engaging magazine called Sparkle is available with age-appropriate stories, recipes, Bible lessons, crafts and games.

DISCOVERY LEVEL: 4th-6th grades

Girls begin to understand that God has created them for a purpose, and that they can make a difference in the world by using the gifts and talents God has given them.

Activities include:

    • Earning badges to help discover talents and develop new skills
    • Learning to worship with regular opportunities for singing and creative movement
    • Discovering more about who God is through His Word and His World
    • Participate in service opportunities

Discovery level girls also receive an award winning, monthly magazine called SHINE brightly, filled with inspiring stories, quizzes, crafts, life lessons from the Bible, recipes, music and much more!

ADVANCED LEVEL: 7th-8th grades

The small group experience of the club setting continues to provide girls with a “safe environment” in which feelings and questions can be openly shared.
Girls learn about:

    • God’s perspective on inner and outer beauty
    • How to come face to face with God
    • How to have joy even in difficult times
    • Techniques for overcoming worry and doubt
    • How to stand strong against peer pressure
    • The importance of being physically and spiritually fit
    • How important it is for God to be in their lives every day and that His help is necessary for making wise decisions

Shine brightly magazine is also available to all Advanced Level girls.


More information about the whole GEMS Ministry is available on their amazing website at

For more information contact: